Seussical Cast List 2022 This was a challenging year. We saw so many talented and skilled actors, singers and dancers at auditions that even choosing the group for callbacks was very difficult. But the most difficult thing for me is knowing that some kids will be disappointed in their casting. Please know that my number one goal is to put you in a position to learn, improve and succeed. If you are a student at Hillview, I have time to coach you! If it is your goal to get bigger parts in musicals, I would love to help you get better. Email me or come see me. Congratulations to all who were cast! This is a super strong group from smallest to largest role. So much amazing, creative energy! I can't wait to get started. Please join me after school on Thursday for a quick half hour information meeting at 2:40 in the drama room. (with a little treat on the way out) See you there!!! Mr H Cast List Horton Kealy B Violet Y Gertrude Caroline C Mary E Mayzie Ilaria C Nadia M CAT Ashwin R Cal
  Hello beautiful people! Here is the link to the Scapino Cast Lists Google Document. CAST LIST Enjoy! See you Monday after school in the PAC!!! Best, Mr H
Dear SCAPINO Auditioners,  I am still working on the cast list. I will be finished by tomorrow, Saturday, at 5pm. Sorry for the delay. I am working very hard to get it all right! Best, Mr H

Seussical Cast List

Congratulations to all! This is going to be a marvelous show! You MUST come to the drama room this week to get the Edmodo code for our show and to accept your role. Also, if you see I've left someone off, PLEASE let me know by email, 😀 Seussical Cast List Cat                         Kate McBride         Colby Drazan Jojo                        Kealy Bryman        Ben Siegel Horton                   Carolyn Sanie        Teagan Murphy Gertrude                Gina Cline              Yume Ishida Mayzie                  Lili D'alessandro     Caroline Connaghan Sour Kangaroo      Sophie Duda           Luna Brosamer General Schmitz    Zach Gosler            Lily Nye Mayor                    Matt Nicholas        Manu Jhawar Mrs Mayor            Ani Wandless         Kate Connaghan    Grinch                   Liz Furman Fish                       Ellen Forte Yertle the Turtle    Lainey Egnal Wickersham Brothers: Jackson Loftus, Matt Nicholas, MacKen
Dear Seussical auditionees, Our cast list will be posted tomorrow, Tuesday, by 5pm. This one is a wonderful challenge!!! Sincerely, Mr H

Seussical Callback List

Seussical Callbacks : Please come to the drama room tomorrow, Thursday ,  for Singing with Mr Hairston and Mr Vaughan  and Friday for Acting . Thursday, 2:45 to 5 Friday, 3:15 to 5 Charlotte Anthony Jack Bullard Jackson Loftus Kate McBride Anneliese Rassback Teagan Murphy Violet Yick Alessandra Hartwig Allie Orzechowski Elizabeth Leonard Mary Engelkmeier Penelope Chapman Kate Connaghan Caroline Connaghan Kelsey Gardner Colby Drazan Ellen Forte Ani Wandless Caroline Sanie Luna Brosamer Faith Schubin Matt Nicholas