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Willy Wonka Cast List

Willy Wonka Cast List  Director               Mr Hairston  Stage Manager           Logan Wilson Willy Wonka Sabrina Watkins Sean Fabrega Candy Man* Izzy Hinshaw* Marit Hoyem* Phineous Trout Hannah Baum Elena Maghsoodnia Charlie Bucket Michael Pagee Blake Mathews Mrs Bucket Gigi Valdes Nell Fahey Mr Bucket Brynn Baker Brynn Baker Grandma Josephine Claire Schott Claire Schott Grandma Georgina Emily Engelkemier Emily Engelkemier Grandpa George Taegan Brinton Taegan Brinton Grandpa Joe Kayla Kranen Charlie Smith Jane (James) Sophie Glinder Indie Berkes Matilda Sara Milanfor Dominique Williams Augustus Gloop Milo Brosamer Christina Ikonomou Mrs Gloop Christina Ikonomou Fiona Fulton-Moskowitz
Willy Wonka! Hello all. Awesome audition today. Sorry to do this to you, but I need to see Sabrina, Christina, Sean and Tania at lunch tomorrow for one more reading. Please email me if this won't work. Cast list will be done by Sunday night, 12/7. See you all very soon!
Callback List for Willy Wonka If you are not on this list, please do not worry! The full cast list will be up on Sunday night, 12/7. The following people should come to the drama room tomorrow, Wednesday Dec. 3, at 2:45-4:30 to sing with Mr. Vaughan and Mr. Hairston and on Thursday Dec. 4 at 2:45-4:30 to read selected parts from the play. We will sing from the show. Your behavior and professionalism during callbacks are a part of your audition. Break a leg! Seneca Ankrum Avani Anne Aysu Aricanli Brynn Baker James Ballard Caroline Box Mattie Bragg Hannah Baum Taegan Brinton Milo Brosamer Emma Denend Emily Engelkemier Sean Fabrega Nell Fahey Fiona Fulton-Moskowitz Sophie Glinder Abby Goudey Mia Hamilton Marit Hoyem Christina Ikonomou Kayla Kranen Jack Larkins Elena Maghsoodnia Blake Mathews Sara Milanfor Tania Merolla Michael Pagee Charlie Smith Gigi Valdes Sabrina Watkins