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6th Grade Musical Revue

6th Grade Musical Cast List 
Performance June 2 at Drama Banquet 6pm
Les MiserablesDo You Hear the People Sing- Sabrina, Sean
Enjolras Sophie Marius Brynn Solists Mattie, Kate, Emma, Isabelle Ensemble (soldiers, townspeople): ALL
HairsprayYou Can’t Stop the Beat- Serena, Kelly, Joelle Tracy Brynn Link Fiona Penny Arielle Seaweed Martina Edna Isabelle Motormouth Claire Ensemble (teenagers) Sophie, Annamarie, Mae, Seneca, Maddie, Emma, Claire
Mama MiaMoney, Money, Money Tania Donna: Fiona Tanya:  Sophie Ensemble (Townspeople): Seneca, Martina, Emma, Isabelle, Annamarie, Mattie, Claire
The Little Mermaid