6th Grade Musical Revue

6th Grade Musical Cast List 

Performance June 2 at Drama Banquet 6pm

Les Miserables Do You Hear the People Sing- Sabrina, Sean

Enjolras Sophie
Marius Brynn
Solists Mattie, Kate, Emma, Isabelle
Ensemble (soldiers, townspeople): ALL

Hairspray You Can’t Stop the Beat- Serena, Kelly, Joelle
Tracy Brynn
Link Fiona
Penny Arielle
Seaweed Martina
Edna Isabelle
Motormouth Claire
Ensemble (teenagers) Sophie, Annamarie, Mae, Seneca, Maddie, Emma, Claire

Mama Mia Money, Money, Money Tania
Donna: Fiona
Tanya:  Sophie
Ensemble (Townspeople): Seneca, Martina, Emma, Isabelle, Annamarie, Mattie, Claire

The Little Mermaid Under the Sea- Kayla
Sebastian: Claire
Ariel: Annamarie
Flounder: Kate
Fish Musicians: Arielle, Martina, Isabelle, Seneca, Emma
Fish Dancers: Sofia D., Carmen, Charlie, Mattie
Ensemble (ocean creatures): Gabby, Sophie, Mia, Fiona, Mae, Brynn, Selig

Pocahontas Colors of the Wind Nell
Pocahontas: Charlie
John Smith: Selig

Matilda When I Grow up- Karina

ALL- Everyone is cast. Karina will give parts when she has sung through with you. Ensemble is the main singer in this one.

Miss Honey

Ensemble (students)


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