Legally Blonde Jr Cast List

Elle Emma D
Margot Sabrina Watkins
Sarina Caroline C
Pilar Sophie G
Kate Annemarie V
Warner Christina I
Emmet Blake M
Vivienne Taegan B
Prof Callahan Martina B
Paulette Kayla K
Brooke Chiara
Kiki Ryan B
Cashier Bridey S
Stylist Jocelyn Lunt
Grandmaster Chad Jillian M
Store Manager Katelyn P
Sabrina Kate St
Winthrop Seneca A
Lowell Jasmine S
Phorzheimer Jayden K
Erin Schulz Angela C
Sundeep Gabby A
Padamden Mari C
Enid Natalie K
Whitney Elizabeth L
Dewey Doe B
Chutney Isabella E
Kyle Sadie F
Gaelen Priya H
Judge Annie D
Jet Blu Pilot Jenna C
Saleswoman Mia B
Prison Guard Sophia L
Bookish Client Sophie C

Ensemble: (Delta Nus, Video Performers, Inmates, Frat Boys, Waiters, Law Students)
Patille P, Isabelle O, Tyler Drury, Annie D,  Greg L, Kai S, Katherine M, Linsdey S, Lorenzo, C, Nathalie V, Paul M, Xouxa L, Zoe G

Please forgive me if I left your name off! You are in the ensemble. If I did leave your name off, let me know as soon as possible.

Also, many of the named characters above are also in various ensemble groups. I would like to place you in as many as possible. If your character has one scene, you are ensemble in all scenes that you’re not in, provided there is time to change costume!


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