The Diary of Anne Frank Cast Lists

Congratulations to all Anne Frank auditioners! This is going to be a wonderful show. Our first read-through is this Monday, September 19 in the drama room. If you cannot attend, you must come to the drama room and initial the cast list to accept your role. 

I will use the cast list on Monday to create the parent email list in order to send out production information. Everyone should plan on attending the read-through this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, after school until 4:30, unless they have a conflict.

You guys are AWESOME actors!


Mr H

Anne Frank                Aysu Aricanli                          Natalie Black
Mr Frank                    Cole Longland                       Jackson Bryman
Mrs Frank                  Maya Khodabachian              Sophie Glinder
Margot Frank             Mia Hamilton                         Rebekah Lindsey
Peter                           Bailey Brosamer                    Luke Danzig
Mr Van Daan             Emily Witeck                          Ingrid Standifer
Mrs Van Daan            Fiona Fulton-Moskowitz       Brynn Baker
Mr Sussel                   Max Dutton-Gillette              Alicia Gaeta
Mrs Kraler                 Nathalie Villalba                    Sophia Colowick
Miep                           Emma Goldberg                    Ryann Barnes

Understudy Cast                  6th Grade Cast
Anne Frank                Rebecca Blau                         Lucy Low
Mr Frank                    Rachel Warsaw                      Alexander Valdes
Mrs Frank                  Natalie Santoro                      Thea Abdella
Margot Frank             Alexandra Gonzalez              Sophia Preston
Peter                           Lucia Corona                         Ava Caldwell
Mr Van Daan             Matthew Philbin                     Courtney Karp
Mrs Van Daan           Isabella Eydelsteyn                 Isis Arizini
Mr Sussel                  Tess Buckley                          Sarah Engelkmeier
Mrs Kraler                 Nathalie D’Illimagine             TBA
Miep                          Margaret Donald                   Addie Vogt


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