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Important  Schedule Information: Cast List Released- Monday, December 11th First Cast meeting Thursday , December 14th, 2:45 to 4:30pm First  Read and Sing-Through - Tues day, December 19th, 3:15 to 4:30 and Wednesday, December 20, 2:45 to 4:30. Mandatory Parent Meeting Tuesday, December 19th at 6:30, Hillview Drama Room, G-4. Parents must fill out this  Google Form . Parent Volunteer Sign-Up Doc Rehearsals begin after holiday break. We will use the website for schedules and conflicts. I will create student log-ins once we finish casting. Actors can expect to rehearse 4-5 days per week for the first three weeks beginning January 9th. Then, 3-5 days per week depending on the size of the role. We rehearse after school until 4:45, M, T and F, after school until 4:30 on W and Th. Beginning February 26th rehearsals will extend to 5:30 and 5. We have mandatory Saturday rehearsals, 10am to 4pm on March 3 and 10th.  No conflicts are allowed the final three we
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST CAST NARRATOR Mr H YOUNG MAN Shadow Puppets OLD BEGGAR WOMAN Shadow Puppets BELLE, Ryann Barnes, Ava Caldwell MAURICE, Mathew Philbin, Dylan Lanier TOWNSPEOPLE, including ARISTOCRATIC LADY Isa Arizini FISH MAN, Jaime Gonzalez EGG MAN, Doug Hoiberg SAUSAGE CURL GIRL, Cassidy Creighton LADY WITH CANE, Tess Buckley, LADY WITH BABY, Lucia Corona CANDLE MAN, Anika Wandless HAT SELLER, Alicia Gaeta MILKMAID, Eri Maeda SHEPHERD BOY, Kyle Walker BOOKSELLER, Alejandra Valdes SILLY GIRLS AKA: ROUGE Kate Connaghan ROSE Margaret Donald VIOLET Alexia Bensoussan VERT Isabel Seniawski BLEU Gina Cline BLANC Yume Ishida GASTON’S CRONIES,   Carolyn Sanie, Kurt Frewing, Mia Kilburn, James Matta, Meghan Dodge, Mina Farhoush, Antonio Mihovilovic, Anika Wandless, Isabella Skirball, Karolina Macioce, Zachary Gosler, Andrew Holman, Clarisse Khodabachian A MOTHER, Stella Buch VILLAGER Mina Farhoush GASTON, Luke Danzig, Bran
Beauty and the Beast Final Callbacks A huge thank you  for all of everyone's work, patience and professionalism this week. A few final readings will take place tomorrow after school. Those called may pick up scripts at lunch. Please read over the script. If there are two characters, be prepared to read both. You may be given adjustments by the director. Give it your best! 3:15-3:30 Ryann Barnes, Ava Johnson, Yume Ishida, Ava Caldwell, Emma Holmes, Luke Danzig, Kai Marshall, Kristopher Stinnes Script 1 3:30-3:45 Luke Danzig, Matthew Philbin, Brandon Clark, Asher Allen, Dylan Lanier, Antonio Mihovilovic, Jacob Fishman,  Script 2 3:45-4:00 Quinn Follmer, Chiara Merolla, Sophia Preston, Sunaina Tadakamalla, Kate Connaghan  Script 3 4:00-4:15 Ingrid Standifer, Lily Cass, Helya Beniasadi, Alexia Bensoussan, Izzy Wynne, Kate Connaghan, Sunaina Tadakamalla  Script 4 4:15-4:30 Cole Longland, Jackson Bryman, Asher Allen, Jacob Fishman, Matthe

Callback List for Beauty and the Beast

The following performers are invited to the callback singing audition tomorrow, Thursday, at 2:45 to 4:30.  Acting callbacks, if needed, will be posted tomorrow night for after school on Friday, 3:15 to 4:15. Only those needed will be called. 6th grade Gina Cline Kate Connaghan Kurt Frewing Yume Ishida Mia Kilburn Dylan Lanier Antonio Mihovilovic Carolyn Sanie Isabel Seniawski 7 th grade Ryann Barnes Jackson Bryman Ava Caldwell Lily Cass Brandon Clark Luke Danzig Meghan Dodge Margaret Donald Quinn Follmer Alicia Gaeta Emma Holmes Eri Maeda Chiara Merolla Sophia Preston Kristoffer Stinnes Sunaina Tadakamalla Izzy Wynne 8 th grade Asher Allen Helya Baniasadi Natalie Black Alexia Bensoussan Jacob Fishman Izzy Gershfield Ella Hale Ava Johnson Cole Longland Kai Marshall Matthew Philbin Ingrid Standife

Beauty and the Beast Info

Beauty and the Beast Auditions December 4th and 5th after school Sign up for an audition slot  here! Backstage Sign-Ups  here! Parents must fill out this Google Form . Details: Each performer should prepare  one monologue , 60 seconds or less, AND  one song from a musical  (not Beauty and the Beast) also 60 seconds or less. A total of 2 minutes will be allotted each auditioner.  Dance Audition will be held on Wednesday, December 6 after school, 2:45 to 4:15. Mandatory for all auditioners.  Audition Tips: Monologue-- memorize well, practice out loud. Add movement and gestures to express the character's point of view. BE LOUD and SPEAK CLEARLY. Go over and over and over it...and over it! SLOW DOWN. Have fun when you practice (even if your monologue is serious) and you will have fun when you audition!!! Song-- same advice as above. Remember, PITCH is more important than TONE. Beautiful tone is wonderful, but it's not as important as pitch. If you are unsure of your pit
Bugsy Cast List Bugsy                                      Jackson Bryman                     Brandon Clark Blousey                                    Ryann Barnes                           Sarah Tinsley Tallulah                                   Lily Cass                                  Ingrid Standifer Tillie                                         Addie Vogt                  Loretta                                     Margaret Donald Dotty                                        Fizzy                                         Antonio Valdes                       Matthew Philbin Fat Sam                                     Kai Marshall                           Cole Longland Shake Down Louis                 Anika Wandless          Snake Eyes                              Eugenia Sheehan Ritzy                                           Ava Barasch Knuckles                                   Gemma Albro Roxy Robinson                        Jaime Gonzalez Dandy