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Bugsy Cast List Bugsy                                      Jackson Bryman                     Brandon Clark Blousey                                    Ryann Barnes                           Sarah Tinsley Tallulah                                   Lily Cass                                  Ingrid Standifer Tillie                                         Addie Vogt                  Loretta                                     Margaret Donald Dotty                                        Fizzy                                         Antonio Valdes                       Matthew Philbin Fat Sam                                     Kai Marshall                           Cole Longland Shake Down Louis                 Anika Wandless          Snake Eyes                              Eugenia Sheehan Ritzy                                           Ava Barasch Knuckles                                   Gemma Albro Roxy Robinson                        Jaime Gonzalez Dandy
Hi Guys! Cast List will be up before brunch tomorrow. Please be ready to come to rehearsal tomorrow until 4:00 and Friday until 4:30. No rehearsal on Thursday because of Back to School Night. Watch this space! Mr H