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Beauty and the Beast Info

Beauty and the Beast Auditions

December 4th and 5th after school
Sign up for an audition slot here!

Backstage Sign-Ups here!

Parents must fill out this Google Form.Details:

Each performer should prepare one monologue, 60 seconds or less, AND one song from a musical (not Beauty and the Beast) also 60 seconds or less. A total of 2 minutes will be allotted each auditioner. 

Dance Audition will be held on Wednesday, December 6 after school, 2:45 to 4:15. Mandatory for all auditioners. 

Audition Tips:

Monologue-- memorize well, practice out loud. Add movement and gestures to express the character's point of view. BE LOUD and SPEAK CLEARLY. Go over and over and over it...and over it! SLOW DOWN. Have fun when you practice (even if your monologue is serious) and you will have fun when you audition!!!

Song-- same advice as above. Remember, PITCH is more important than TONE. Beautiful tone is wonderful, but it's not as important as pitch. If you are unsure of your pitch, sing with a vocal track …