Beauty and the Beast Final Callbacks

A huge thank you for all of everyone's work, patience and professionalism this week. A few final readings will take place tomorrow after school. Those called may pick up scripts at lunch. Please read over the script. If there are two characters, be prepared to read both. You may be given adjustments by the director. Give it your best!

3:15-3:30 Ryann Barnes, Ava Johnson, Yume Ishida, Ava Caldwell, Emma Holmes, Luke Danzig, Kai Marshall, Kristopher Stinnes Script 1

3:30-3:45 Luke Danzig, Matthew Philbin, Brandon Clark, Asher Allen, Dylan Lanier, Antonio Mihovilovic, Jacob Fishman, Script 2

3:45-4:00 Quinn Follmer, Chiara Merolla, Sophia Preston, Sunaina Tadakamalla, Kate Connaghan Script 3

4:00-4:15 Ingrid Standifer, Lily Cass, Helya Beniasadi, Alexia Bensoussan, Izzy Wynne, Kate Connaghan, Sunaina Tadakamalla Script 4

4:15-4:30 Cole Longland, Jackson Bryman, Asher Allen, Jacob Fishman, Matthew Philbin, Kai Marshall Script 5


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