Ghost Train Cast List

Ghost Train Cast List

Holmes’                                  Isaacs’                         6th Grade

Teddie             Sunaina Tadakamalla           Ani Wandless               Luna Brosamer
Richard           Jackson Bryman                    Bennett Enright           Amaya Nori               
Elsie                Yume Ishida                          Coral Rothenberg        Ella Thomson
Charles           Brandon Clark                       Kristoffer Stinnes         Jonas Block
Peggy              Ava Johnson                          Emma Holmes             Eliza Dobbyn
Saul                 Carolyn Sanie                       Jaime Gonzalez            Daniela Fernandez
Julia                Margaret Donald                   Elizabeth Furman         Varsha Sripadnam
Price               Jolene Chu                             Ece  Eris                        Michelle Bjornson
Sterling           Ava Barasch                           Nathalie Auslander       Rianna Tejada
Mrs Bourne    Izzy Wynne                            Lily Cass                       Kate McBride
Jackson           Lilah Chen                             Eline Van de Weghe      Keira Martin

Congratulations to everyone!!! Thank you so much for being a part of one my favorite shows!!! First read through is this week on Wednesday (tomorrow!), 2:40 to 4:30 and Friday, 3:15 to 4:30.  Please bring a 3-ring binder, 1" or so, for a paper script if you want one. Information on shows and schedules will be given. ALL CAST MEMBERS ARE CALLED.

This is going to be a wonderful experience. Let’s make the rehearsals even more fun than performances!!!!!!!!

Mr H

P. S. In the first week or so, there is usually a little shifting around of parts as people decide they are not able to do the show. This may mean that your role could change, especially if you are playing a smaller part. Also, 

P.S.S. I love all of you! I’m so thankful and so fortunate to do plays with you!!!


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