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Miracle Worker/Anne Frank Cast List

Congratulations, Hillview Thespians! Great work at auditions and callbacks! Our first read-through will be on Thursday after school in the drama room. Bring a 1 ½ inch binder for your script. See you then!!! Mr H and Mrs Bullard : ) The Miracle Worker Annie Sullivan             Elizabeth Furman      Mackenzie Danzig Helen                               Page Savage                 Natalie Andeen Captain Keller             Carolyn Sanie               Miles Morton Kate Keller                     Faith Schubin                Lilah Chen James Keller                 Bennett Enright           Jackson Loftus Aunt Ev                          Luna Brosamer             Hailey Hintze Viney                              Charlotte Anthony     Anagnos/Jimmie         Mia Sanchez Percey/Martha/Dr     Maelys de Maistre Blind Girls                    TBA The Diary of Anne Frank Anne Frank                  Kealy Bryman             Daniela Fernandez