Seussical Cast List 2022

This was a challenging year. We saw so many talented and skilled actors, singers and dancers at auditions that even choosing the group for callbacks was very difficult. But the most difficult thing for me is knowing that some kids will be disappointed in their casting. Please know that my number one goal is to put you in a position to learn, improve and succeed. If you are a student at Hillview, I have time to coach you! If it is your goal to get bigger parts in musicals, I would love to help you get better. Email me or come see me.

Congratulations to all who were cast! This is a super strong group from smallest to largest role. So much amazing, creative energy! I can't wait to get started. Please join me after school on Thursday for a quick half hour information meeting at 2:40 in the drama room. (with a little treat on the way out)

See you there!!!

Mr H

Cast List

HortonKealy BViolet Y
GertrudeCaroline C
Mary E
MayzieIlaria CNadia M
CATAshwin RCalvin B
JojoGrant BCharlize P
Mr MayorJackson LJack B
Mrs MayorKaia MRaevyn C
General SchmitzMia SMia S
KangarooInes BMaggie N
Bird Girl 1Gracie B
Bird Girl 2Hailey H
Bird Girl 3Mica P
Bird GirlZoe H
Charlotte A
Maya F
Emma M
Sydney E
Audrey L
Faith S
Caitlin R
Violeta F-A
Maya H
Kaitlan H
Mariah B
Jasmine S
Melek A
Sila C
Thing 1
Penelope C
Thing 2TBD
Wickersham 1Zach E
Wickersham 2Mia K
Wickersham 3Lia N
Wickersham/Jungle AnimalAlexa H
Lily M
Angel D-S
Zak RVlad Vladikoff
Ava i
Natalie A      Yertle the Turtle
Kiefer T
Luna Y
Jonah W
Noam M
Fiona M
Farah G
William D
WHO'sAbhinav C
Rumie S
Noelle K
Mahie S
Ayala N
Paloma S
Alena N
Hazel Y
Zoe R
Andrea V
Ash B
Kate P
Anneliese R
Eleonore P
Molly F


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