Music Man Cast List

Hello All! Congratulations to all who auditioned. Never have I seen SO MUCH singing and acting talent in one audition!

Thank you so much for your patience. I recommend the website, stageagent, for information on The Music Man and its characters.

Harold Hill             Milo B             Sophie G     
Marion Paroo         Jacey W          Mia H

Marcellus               Louie L            Blake M
Mayor Shinn          Cole L              Matthew P
Eulalie M. Shinn    Charlie S         Mattie B

Mrs Paroo              Alexandra O   Mae L
Winthrop Paroo     Jacob F            Kai M

Amaryllis               Natalie D        Eliza H

Tommy Djilas       Winston R      Connor L

Zaneeta Shinn        Martina B       Izzy H

Gracie Shinn          Natalie B         Katelyn P

Olin Britt               Aysu A

Oliver Hix             Emily W
Ewart Dunlop        Brynn B
Jacey Squires        Jillian M
Ethel Toffelmier   Ingrid S
Alma Hix              Nell F
Maud Dunlop        Rebekah L
Mrs Squires           Seneca A
Train Conductor    Sydney D
Constable Locke   Sofia C
Charlie Cowell      Elena M
Salesman #1         Julia D
Salesman #2         Tess B
Salesman #3         Taegan B
Salesman #4         Julia H
Salesman #5         Isabella E
Newspaper #1      Winston R
Newspaper #2       Lorenzo C
Newspaper #3       Bailey B
Pick-a-little Ladies Makenna S, Rachel W, Nathalie V, Alexandra G, Doe B, Sophia C, Tess B,                                           Taegan B, Isabella E, Sydney D, Julia H
Teenagers              Lindsay S, Sarah L, Eva B, Caroline H, Maria C, Julianne S, Julia D, Lila M,                                       Lorenzo C, Bailey B, Katya R

Come to the drama room tomorrow to get the code for our Music Man Edmodo group. On it, you will find the script. First cast meeting is this Friday, 12/4, after school in the drama room, 3:15 to 4pm. See you there!

Mr H


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