Hello Aladdin Auditioners! You were awesome!

Change of Plan.

Everyone will come and sing tomorrow with Mr Vaughan and me, and we'll have additional acting callbacks on Monday with a smaller group. You will not need to prepare anything for either day. The cast list will be posted on Monday night.

This is the list for tomorrow. An additional list will go up here tomorrow night for Monday's acting callbacks.

Brynn Baker
Mattie Bragg
Sophie Glinder
Alexandra Gonzalez
Mia Hamilton
Rebekah Linsdsay
Mae Linnert
Connor Low
Amy Pascual
Katherine McDonnell
Katya Rivera
Claire Schott
Charlie Smith

Alexia Bensoussan
Cole Longland
Kai Marshall
Louisa Moyer
Matthew Philbin
Ingrid Standifer
Sarah Tinsley
Rachel Warsaw

Isa Arizini
Ryann Barnes
Max Bragg
Jackson Bryman
Brandon Clark
Lucia Corona
Luke Danzig
Meghan Dodge
Margaret Donald
Mezzy Epidendia
Quinn Follmer
Alicia Gaeta
Jaime Gonzalez
Courtney Karp
Emma Holmes
Lucy Low
Stephanie Madrigal
Chiara Merolla
Sophia Preston
Sunaina Tadakamalla
Alejandra Valdes
Addie Vogt
Isabella Wynne
Dale McCann

Jessica ?


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