Mary Poppins tickets on sale now

Tickets are on sale now! 

Please note that the show is double cast and that there are nine students who will be performing only twice, while the rest of the kids are in all performances.  Make sure you check which cast your student is in before buying your tickets.

Emma Holmes   Screevers Mary Poppins
Izzy Wynne Screevers Bert
Jackson Bryman Screevers George
Ryann Barnes  Screevers Winifred
Ben Siegel Screevers Michael
Yume Ishida  Screevers Jane
Lily Cass Screevers Mrs. Brill
Carolyn Sanie Screevers Robertson Ay
Brandon Clark  Screevers Northbrook
Sofia Preston Sweeps Mary Poppins
Dylan Lanier Sweeps Bert
Luke Danzig Sweeps George
Alejandra Valdes Sweeps Winifred
Kaylie Tedesco Sweeps Michael
Isabella Skirball Sweeps Jane
Nadia Ruiz Sweeps Mrs. Brill
Anika Wandless Sweeps Robertson Ay
Kristoffer Stinnes Sweeps Northbrook

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On the performance dates, concessions will be open 60 minutes before curtain time; house doors will open 30 minutes prior to curtain time at which time you may select your seats.

All tickets will be general admission seating.
If you are a parent helping before your child’s show, we will have a small section reserved for you to sit - but please purchase a ticket so the seat is accounted for.