Lion King Cast List

Rafiki Tania M
Mufasa Louis L
Scar Christina I
Young Simba Chiara M
Simba Blake M
Young Nala Bridey S
Nala Sofia W
Timon Aysu
Pumba Martina
Zazu Taegan
Banzai Seneca A
Shenzi Gabby A
Ed Mia
Surabi Lily C
Sarafina Jasmine S
Lionesses: Lauren H, Doe B, Ruby S, Kate S, Sunaina T, Leah S, Isabella E
Ensemble: Annie D, Aya Sugiura, Elizabeth L, Enola M, Graham H, Izzy O, Julia H, Lily C, Lorenzo C, Micah R, Mio S, Patille P, Tyler D, Xan C, Zoe G

I’ve done my best to list everyone. However, if your name is not listed, please accept my apologies. You are in the ensemble! Do let me know immediately if your name isn't here so I can update this list.


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